Warden Electric Company


Since John R. Warden Sr. founded Warden Electric Company in 1937 in Paducah, Kentucky, we’ve only had one priority: to bring the highest quality industry products and services to this region.

Our main concentration may have primarily been in the sales and service of electric motors and elevator repairs, but we’ve kept true to our foundational mission and purpose as we’ve evolved and grown from each generation to the next. And that is you, our customer. From generation to generation, we’ve listened and responded to your unique needs, striving to fulfill them with trained skill, ever-expanding expertise, and customer service that turns clients into neighbors and friends. As we continue to serve you and strive to be the solution for your every need, we will stay true to that founding principle and bring you only quality, trusted excellence, and reliable service.



Warden Electric Company was founded by John R Warden Sr. at 121 Broadway in Paducah, Kentucky. The main concentration of the business at that time was in the sales and service of electric motors and elevator repairs.


The electric motor sales and service aspect of the business was purchased by John R. Warden Jr. and the elevator portion of the business was spun off to the daughter and son-in-law of John R. Warden Sr.


Electrical contracting was added to the electric motor sales and service and the business prospered to over 100 employees. In 1957 Mr. Warden Jr. moved to Florida and operated the business in absence, traveling back and forth between Kentucky and Florida as often as once a month.


It was apparent that the business was not operating efficiently with absentee ownership and after completion of all contracts and commitments, Mr. Warden reluctantly made the decision to cease operations. The business stayed closed until June, 1963, when upon his better health, Mr. Warden Jr. along with his wife, Bebe, reopened the business in the same location, but strictly as a motor sales and repair facility only and operated in this fashion for the next seven years.


John R. Warden III was accepted as a partner in the business. In 1979, after remaining in the original location for over 42 years, the business moved to a new 4,000 sq. ft. building at 604 North Seventh Street in Paducah.


John Warden III and his wife, Camille, purchased the remaining interest of the business from Mr. and Mrs. Warden R. Jr. They continued to operate it much the same way as it had been since 1963, with the main scope of work being electric motor sales and service and power tool repair.


A branch operation was opened in Murray, Ky. which has enjoyed a steady clientele through the years.


Over the next decade, the business expanded several times with the Paducah operation constructing three additions to the original building and the Murray operation growing from a sub­let tenant in a portion of a building to the ownership and sole occupant of the entire building. During this period of growth, the business increased its scope of work and services to include both inside and outside sales and the repair of generators, welders and pumps to go along with the original motor and tool repairs, while adding the necessary personnel with the expertise in these various fields.


John Robert Warden, who represents the fourth generation, joined the firm.


The Paducah location constructed its fourth expansion, a 1,920 square foot building.


Warden Electric Company was named as a Master Distributor for FW Murphy – a designation shared with only nine other companies in the United States.


Pneumatic and hydraulic tool repairs were introduced along with becoming a distributor for Ingersoll-Rand tools.


The Paducah location expanded a fifth time: a 3,360 square foot building used for customer inventory management.


New pump sales through distribution agreements with Power-Flo Pumps and Barmesa Pumps were introduced to complement the existing pump repairs.


Field service capabilities were expanded through additional personnel and the purchase of two service trucks, providing complete turn-key operation from inspection to installation on all repaired equipment.